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About us

Located in Glenbrook South Auckland, Pinnacle Racing uses it’s local environment to train and/or pre-train valued clients race horses. Glenbrook is conveniently located close to Pukekohe Park however it is the wild, black sand west coast at Karioitahi Beach that gives Pinnacle Racing it’s edge.  

Working horses on the black sand of Karioitahi Beach is a strategy that has proven results. Whether it’s galloping in a straight line or walking through the waves, beach work in this manner is what has allowed Pinnacle Racing to grow into what it is today. Beach work results have not only attracted individual owners but also senior trainers from around the district. Pinnacle Racing usually has a number of horses in work for industry names such as: 




Peter & Dawn



Stephen Mckee Racing 

Pinnacle Racing works inclusively with clients to get the best possible results. We use the latest racing specific software to keep our valued owners abreast of every development. Owners receive regular progress reports via email including digital photos, video clips and trainer commentary.

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